The FOEcast project is developing multiple roadmaps for helping us understand the future of education and technology. That process has always been open, public, and based on wide-ranging discussion. We are now expanding that discussion by publishing research into emerging education and technology trends.

The intent of these ongoing and punctuated discussions is not to offer traditional reports, but a unique fusion of social nodes and living documents. Learning and forecasting in the networked age should involve conversations, not pronouncements. This is a central tenet of FOEcast. Therefore, these publications are designed to lead to more exchanges and reflection, not be the final word.

The process itself is subject to iteration but our initial timeline for the first FOEcast Report on Empowered Learning is as follows:

  1. August 2018: Posting of initial drafts as they become available for public review.

  2. September 4-14: We will host a series of Ideation Sessions with the chapter authors where we will discuss the substance of the entries and any revisions.

  3. September 15-30: Production of the report with revisions from authors.

  4. October 1: Release of Empowered Learning Report on FOEcast website and beyond.

Ongoing ideation sessions on Empowered Learning will follow the release of the report. Stay tuned for the FOEcast Report on Microcredentialing with Ideation Sessions to be begin January 2019.



Coming January 2019...