Individuals & orgs joining together in support of FOEcast



FOEcast would not exist without contributions from individuals and educators (much like yourself) from all walks of life who care enough to ask what is our preferred future?, and then look for positive ways to enact it. Regardless of how you found your way here, thank you!


Bryan Alexander @Bryanalexander

Maya Georgieva @mayaig

Tom Haymes @ideaspacesnet

Taylor Kendal @taykendesign

Phillip Long @radhertz

Jonathan Nalder @jnxyz

Lisa Gustinelli @techzebu

Ruben P Puentedura @rubenrp

Paul Signorelli @paulsignorelli




the Future of Education Observatory

This is several participatory, multimedia, future of education projects created and maintained by Bryan Alexander.  They include the FTTE report, the Future Trends Forum, a blog, and a book club.

FUTURE-U Community

This group of 170+ education, business, space industry and more experts from 15 nations support a new mindset for tomorrow where learners know how to dream up their own futures. To this end it has developed the Jonathan Nalder-led  Future Literacies framework, debates it on  Edunauts radio (via Voic.Ed), and supports the Future Literacies-focused

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