Creating a vision for a new Future of Education + Everything community project focused on positivity, global partnership and life-long learners from K to infinity.
[sic] 'forecast', 'focused'

Let's dream

FOEcast is a new community that's as global and cross-sector as possible. It aims to enable the positive conversations and solutions that learners from K-12, Higher Ed, Vocational Ed and workplaces need so we can thrive no matter what comes our way... and you're invited!

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Why FOEcast?

FOEcast (Future of Education Forecast) arose in early 2018 as a community effort to build new ways of thinking about the future of education, technology, and everything in between. With 30-70% of todays jobs to be impacted by automation, a space-faring future growing closer, and numerous global crisis converging, there has never been a better time to start conversations locally and unite globally in an effort to impact the future of education

This community was inspired by numerous others, including the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education,  Bryan Alexander's Future Trends Forum, the Future-U community, and the late New Media Consortium's Horizon Reports.

We believe that a borderless, crowdsourced, international educational effort can create something meaningful that our collective future depends on.

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Projects & Events

Online, face to face, (A)synchronous, open.

Over the course of 2019, we will be hosting a series of visioning and ideation efforts.  Some will occur in person, while others will take place online using a variety of open technologies.

Many community contributions will also occur across partner blogs, our Slack channel and on twitter using the hashtag #FOEcast, so be on the lookout and share your projects and events as well.


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